Saturday, March 2, 2013

Spring Conference-Phase 2

Well I registered for my last 3 sessions for the St. Mary's spring conference in April.

One of the sessions is about the implementation of the growth mindset in Writer's Workshop and how it motivates students to gain leadership skills in writing. My goal for the 2012-2013 school year was to improve my students writing skills by incorporating MORE writing activities in my everyday lessons. I feel this has been successful. I am interested to see what this presenter has to add about writer's workshop. There are always new things to learn and implement in a classroom. I know I have been focusing a lot on math for my action research projects, so attending this writing seminar will be a breath of fresh air.

A second session I am attending is about improving comprehension skills by using verbal, written and visual activities. Comprehension is always an area that students can work to improve. I feel like this session will give me a lot of new intervention and extension activities that I can include in my classroom. I am always looking for new ways to improve my students comprehension.

The third session I registered for in phase 2 is about differentiation in a middle school math class. I feel like fifth graders are in a transition to middle school. Attending this session will give me many new ways to support my struggling students as well as students who need extension activities. All of my action research projects so far have been about math and I feel like this session will help support me with further research. I have always been told that your students will raise up to the challenge if you teach them like they are one grade level ahead. Attending a middle school seminar will be helpful for me to challenge all of my students.