Friday, September 28, 2012

Salsa Day

Things have been so busy lately. I feel like have had zero time to blog. I have been so busy wedding planning, getting things ready to go for when Dominic leaves next week for Marine Corps training in Virginia, and I started my masters program! OOOFFFTA!

Well a tradition we have at my school is salsa day. We make salsa as a community building activity and to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Hispanic Heritage Month if from September 15-October 15. Students get to participate in this activity when they are in fifth grade.T=Students bring in ingredients to make salsa. I split up the ingredients list from the recipe and divide up all the supplies. The students bring in everything from crock pots and measuring cups to tomatoes from the garden and green peppers. I have parent volunteers come in to help clean and cut away the bad ends of the vegetables, then the students do the rest. I have my students sit at their tables with a paper plate and plastic knife. They cannot leave their seats at all. If they are done cutting their vegetables to the size of their pinky nail, they raise their hand to get more vegetables. It takes about 30 minutes to cut all the vegetables.

After all the preparing is done, I stick all the ingredients in a crock pot for the whole day. The last half hour is when we get to enjoy salsa. It is a great treat on a Friday afternoon.

This is a very fun activity that I highly recommend to do with your class.You can use ANY salsa recipe with your class. ENJOY :)

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