Saturday, February 23, 2013

St. Mary's University-Spring Conference

This morning I registered for two of my five sessions to attend at the spring conference. Looking at the course catalog was very overwhelming. I chose two sessions that relate to fifth grade.

The first sessions I signed up for is about 4th grade students mastering their multiplication facts. I chose this session because I always hope my students come to 5th grade with these facts mastered, but there is always a handful of students who do not have multiplication fact fluency. I am hoping to get  a lot of new ideas to use as interventions with my students.

The second session I registered for is about incorporating movement into the classroom. The presenter has researched different activities and is incorporating brain based movements. I have started using Whole Brain Teaching strategies in my classroom and I think this session will help me improve my WBT in my classroom.

I get to register on Wednesday for the next three sessions. I am hoping to choose three more sessions to improve my teaching and inspire me to try something new in my classroom.

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