Saturday, February 22, 2014

What is YOUR leadership style?

During my weekend with my St. Mary's masters class, I read an article and took an inventory about my leadership style. After the 56 questions, I discovered that my leadership style is adaptive supportive. I read through the descriptors and I agree with all of them. Adaptive supportive leaders are trustworthy, loyal, and hard workers. I read through the chapter in Finding Your Leadership Style on adaptive supportive leaders and I learned that 40% of the people you meet are adaptive supportive people. These leaders bring out the best in people and care for others. I really agree that this describes me as a leader. I don't like all the attention on me, I would rather be doing the best job I can for my students without any recognition. I am in my profession for the OUTCOME of my students' learning, not recognition.

I also believe that others do see me as an adaptive supportive leader. I will not go out of my way to take on a leadership opportunity, but when it is presented to me, I am glad to help lead. When my next leadership opportunity is presented to me, I now know why I take the job so seriously. Adaptive supportive leaders take responsibilities seriously, they work to avoid conflicts, rely on authorities, and create and communicate core values. I posses and lead using these qualities already. One goal I would like to work toward is volunteering for leadership opportunities and step out of my comfort zone. I would be interested in seeing what I would be able to accomplish with a different mindset.

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