Saturday, February 9, 2013

21st Century Learning

 Today in class we were assigned 2 hours to create a video about 21st century learning.

What is 21st century learning?
 21st century learning is:
  • teaching students to be prepared for a changing world.
  • creating critical thinkers
  • inspiring creativity in many different mediums
  • students becoming problem solvers
  • the ability to collaborate effectively
  • teaching students skills for jobs that haven't been created yet

I think 21st century learning and getting technology in the hands of children is very important. Technology can allow students to dive deeper into their understanding of topics. I wish I was able to use technology in my classroom more often. I have a SmartBoard and a student computer in my room. My school has 2 Mac computer labs as well as a cart of iPads for the students to use at school. I have not been able to check out an iPad this year since some people at school decide to hog them, but hopefully I will be able to get the technology in the hands of ALL students. Technology is important, especially when students are constantly being exposed to bigger and better things. If resources were available, it would be well worth it to get technology in the hands of students. 

No matter what the age of a learner is, technology is always the new "cool" thing to "play" with. By switching the mindset of learners from playing to educating, a lot can happen with technology. Sure, I love Unblock Me as much as the next person, but using my iPad for work is even better! I think people who are still "18th century learners" need to see that technology is not scary, but a useful tool to enhance learning.

Comments or insights are welcome! :)


  1. First of all I LOVE your cute! You definitely are leaps and bounds beyond my use of technology. It is hard sometimes to keep up with everything. My school has just purchased Ipads for each teacher, and I love using it is my classroom. My grade level purchased our last mimio, which was for my room. I am trying to use both of these pieces of technology in my room as much as possible. I find that students really react in a positive way even if I fumble a bit.

  2. Your post caused me to stop and think for a minute...I've read through a lot of posts, and even had a similar sentiment in my post...we're all placing a HUGE emphasis on the technology and whether or not we have it. Yet...look at what we all talked about in our videos. Skills. Not technology.

    So, I wonder...are we all missing the boat a bit? Is it about the technology, or the skills? Can it be one without the other? Does it have to be both?

  3. I think they work hand in hand, Ryan.

  4. I'm glad you touched on the fact that the technology needs to be a learning tool. So often we use technology for extra fun stuff and not to enhance the actual learning process.