Friday, August 2, 2013

Circles of Self Reflection

At my last master's weekend, I was asked to write down five words that defined me. I chose future wife, friend, sister, teacher, and student. Choosing the words was not that difficult of a task, but the steps yet to come were challenging. We were then asked to "get rid" of two words. I chose to get rid of student and friend. I had ranked these relationships less important than the other ones. Then we were asked to get rid of one more. I got rid of sister. The words I was left with was future wife and teacher. These two things are what I identify myself with. When I was asked to get rid of one more card and have one word to identify myself with, I chose to keep future wife and get rid of teacher. I felt that teaching is important, but there needs to be a work/life balance. I chose to keep Dominic, my future husband, since he helps me with every other aspect in my life.

I think if I had my students complete this activity, they would struggle, or choose superficial things to identify themselves with. Kids change who they are friends with all the time. I also feel that students, depending on their age, would value non-human relationships more than human relationships. I can see many students choosing to keep sports, video games, music, etc. over family members and friends. I think this activity would be useful when students are mature and can deeply understand the overall objective of the lesson.

Since I am starting at a new school this year, I know a lot of my "free time" will be spent staying late at school or bringing work home. I need to remember that there needs to be a balance in my work/home life balance.

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