Saturday, August 25, 2012


Well I got my finalized class list yesterday... They added 2 kiddos since the last day of school to my room. Now I am at 29 kids. So all summer I have been gathering things for 28 kids (One extra copy in case of move ins) and NOW I have to make one copy of EVERYTHING.... ISHHHHHH

Enough of my rant...

One of my favorite, yet time consuming parts of the year, is putting the kids names and numbers on EVERYTHING! I know I have said this before, but I am going to say it again. I highly recommend numbering your students. I just take my list and start at the top with number 1 and go until I run out of students. This makes handing in homework easy because everything is in alphabetical order and I can easily see who is missing what.

To make the life of a teacher easier, I printed my class list on Avery labels and just printed multiple copies. Now I have labels for their tables, lockers, planners, popsicle sticks, take home files, math reference books, workbooks, and everything else that needs a label. I like to keep a few extra sheets of labels with their names on it for field trips. I used to hand write their names, but I realized that the time I wasted doing that could be used to look at data or continue planning.

Another great thing about using labels, you can just stick next years kids names on a few things and re-use them!!! YAY!

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