Saturday, August 18, 2012

We are developing our reader's CRAFT

I am trying CAFE for the first time this year. I borrowed the CAFE book and DVD from school, read it and was a little leery to start. So I figured I should ask people who has actually tried it. I scoured the Internet for blog posts about CAFE. There were a TON!!! I read a blog, Ladybug's Teacher Files, and I was inspired to try a CRAFT board instead. (Click to view Ladybug's Teacher Files blog post)

Last year, I had the ELL (English Language Learners) cluster and I have the cluster again this year! I really liked the CRAFT board because it focuses on skills that those kiddos need, and the rest of my students could use the help as well.

Response to Text
Text Elements

I cannot take credit for this catchy acronym or coming up with the idea, but I am really excited to start it this year. If you click on the Ladybug Teacher Files blog you will find free printables for the letters and definitions of each skill.

As for the skill cards, I using the suggested skills from the back of the CAFE book. I know I will have to add some of my own sooner or later, but it's a start!

I will post more pictures after the year has begun!

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  1. Your board looks great! I am doing a CAFE board this year for the first time also.